Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #1:

I remember trick or treating in school as a kid... What fun! This is something that can be implemented school-wide, but I think it's especially fun for kindergartners experiencing Halloween at school for the first time.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Paper Masks

If kids don't come to school dressed in costume, the class can spend a short amount of time creating masks and/or hats out of construction paper and special decorations. Then they can head to the next classroom for some trick or treating!

The kindergarten class can then return the favor for another classroom. They'll have fun getting into the Halloween spirit by decorating the room and handing out candy to their schoolmates.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #2:

Depending on the size of the classroom, if you have quite a few kids, it's probably best to break the class into groups who take turns at different activity stations. Groups of three or four work well for kindergarten classes.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Cooking Decorations

Set aside one station for a make your own snack - cookie decorating is really fun and easy, especially for younger kids. Provide cookies - either sugar cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies are perfect for decorating - and white and chocolate frosting, along with some fun decorations.

When kids arrive at the station, give each student a cookie on a plate, then have them move down the table so they can choose a frosting for the cookie, and finally decorate it with colored frosting and sprinkles.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #3:

At another station, have a brief lesson on weight and size. Provide a small pumpkin for each student and ask them to guess the weight. This might be a bit advanced for kindergartners, so first let them hold a 5 lb. bag of flour for a comparison.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Small Pumpkins

After students guess their pumpkin's weight, have them hollow out the pumpkin and guess the weight again. An important point is to show the students that the pumpkin is the same size after being emptied of the seeds and other inside parts, but yet it weighs less.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #4:

Craft projects can be the focus of yet another station. To help kids make masks, provide construction paper in lots of different colors, and also have some embellishments on hand that can be attached with glue like glitter, craft fur, felt, pipe cleaners, and buttons.

Help the kids make sure the mask is the right size for their faces and that the eye holes are in the right spot. Lastly, help the kids attach string to keep the masks on their heads.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Hanging Ghost Decoration

For another craft project, kids can make a hanging ghost decoration that they can take home. Give each kid a square white piece of fabric, like a handkerchief, and spread it out flat on a table. Place a small pile of craft stuffing or even shredded paper in the middle to make the ghost's head.

Gather up the four corners and edges, and tie a string just below the head. Kids can draw a happy or scary face on the ghost!

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #5:

It wouldn't be a school party without games! Here is an idea if the kids need to blow off some energy, and another if you want them to stay calm.

With "Stomp the Pumpkin," each kid will have an orange or a black pumpkin (balloon). Ideally, you'll have an even number of kids with each color balloon, so they can play on teams. At "Go," kids will stomp on the other team's balloons. Or if you're not playing on teams, kids just stomp anyone else's.

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Orange Black Balloons

The quieter game is a Halloween version of "Telephone." Have the students sit in circle spaced so they can easily lean over and whisper to one another. A teacher starts the game by whispering a short Halloween-related sentence into the ear of the first student.

That student then whispers the sentence, as he or she remembers it, to the next student in the circle. At the end of the game, the teacher reports the original sentence, and what the sentence ended up as!

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #6:

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Find a fun Halloween story, and have the students act it out as a skit! "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is a good choice, but there are lots of other options on the web too.

In the days leading up to Halloween, the kids can work on making costumes and props. Or if they'll be dressing up in costume for school on the day of the party, they can just play whatever their costume is in the skit. Then during the Halloween party, they can perform the skit for other classes or for visiting family members!

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas #7:

Kindergarten Halloween Party Ideas - Spooky Scene

There are plenty of really cute Halloween stories to share with kids, and having story time is a perfect quiet activity as kindergartners are winding down for nap time or rest time.

My son really enjoys a Halloween book called "Whooo's That?" and he wants to read it year round! You can also find fun stories about Casper the Friendly Ghost, and of course there are Halloween books that star Dora!

"The Night Before Halloween," read to the tune of "The Night Before Christmas," is yet another favorite. Whatever story you choose, reading time will help get your excited little Halloweeners ready for quiet time.

Share your party ideas and stories with us!